Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Lure of Spring

I have had an extremely busy week.  Today, however, I did not have one appointment at all so I went to a local farm market/greenhouse this morning and enjoyed myself thoroughly :)  I browsed around the shop, admiring the colors of Spring...

the scents of Spring...
I personally love the smell of hyacinths...
Adored this old dog who so enjoyed his duck, the warmth of the sun and having his belly scratched.
He has this whole "Life is Good" thing down right :)
I could have swore this was a before and after of Violet :)
And I got some great ideas for decorating inside the house.
Doesn't it just make you want to go out, get some baby chicks, bake some bread, wash windows and buy yourself a new Spring scarf?
I know Spring does that to me.
Imagination - it's a terrible thing to waste.
So isn't a nice day outdoors.
See ya!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

On Good Friday DJ and I traveled to sunny South Carolina...
to visit my daughter and her boyfriend and celebrate Easter with them...
Their apartment is lovely.  I think it is very organic...
I cannot forget to mention the real reason I was there...
To visit my grand doggies - Miley and Jenna :)
And to experience some warm weather.  It was actually almost 70 degrees on Saturday.
That, of course, is the perfect temperature for golfing according to DJ. 
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  DJ :)
While DJ and Mike golfed, Nana and I visited a cupcake shop that won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. 
It is absolutely adorable...
and the cupcakes are delicious.
I had the coconut cupcake.
Isn't that cake beautiful?
Nana and I also helped out at an Easter egg hunt :)
Spent three hours at Ikea (which is definitely not enough).  I had never been there before and just let me say - OMG.  I just may hide away there next time and live there for the weekend.  It is absolutely amazing!!!  I could definitely spend the whole day there and I am not sure I would see everything.
Very Swedish...
and prices are more than affordable...
On Sunday, we went to church, enjoyed Easter dinner and, of course, 
mowed down the candy :)
Today, DJ and I returned home to temperatures that were 30 degrees lower and snow.
More importantly though, we returned home :)


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