Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Story

Once upon a time a long, long time ago, there was a little princess...

and a little batman...

who went out trick or treating.
The little princess and batman were very well behaved, adorable children. They were also very independent. They wanted to go to each house by themselves, smile, say trick or treat and come running back to the car to show me what candy they received. They were very successful in their adventures.
However, there was one Halloween that batman, the little princess, and I got more than we hoped for.
The little princess and batman ran to the next house on our route. We live in the country so we go to houses in the country. As an aside, going to homes in the country for Halloween candy is like hitting the mother load. It was no different this time - lots of candy.
Anyway, the little princess ran head held high, smiling back to the car. Her bag was open, ready to show me what she got, ready to go the next house.
Batman, however, ran fullsteam ahead, looking into his bag, admiring all his candy, smiling all the way until...
he fell in the ditch. Couldn't see him at all!!! Ditch was just as deep as he was tall.
What did I do?
What would any good mother do?
I went to the ditch and helped him out (after I sat in the car for a couple of minutes and laughed my ass off :)
God I love those two characters!!!
Happy Halloween!!!

Photos of the Jeep


Good sturdy vehicle for all the years we have had it.
Transported me back and forth to work, Alexandra back and forth to school, work, and Mikes, and transported DJ and friends to school, golf and bowling.
Rest in peace old friend.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Now You See It/Now You Don't

DJ totalled the jeep last night on his way to bowling.

Driving too fast up a road that was being redone (fresh stone).

He fishtailed, lost control, and landed on roof.

Everyone (DJ, Justin, Mason) in the vehicle is fine.

They were all wearing seatbelts.

No tickets issued.

No more jeep though :(

I will post pictures of vehicle later tonight.

Morals of story:

1) always wear your seatbelt!!!
2) do not drive over speed limit on freshly stoned roads!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paul's Pumpkin Bars

I wanted to get a picture of them before they were gone.
Ireally did.
But they are soooo good, they are gone before you know it.

This is a recipe that will make you a hit at home, the office, or whatever party you may be attending.

It is from one of my very favorite cookbooks, Applehood and Motherpie.


4 eggs
1 2/3 cups sugar
1 cup cooking oil
1 16-ounce can pumpkin
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda


1 3-ounce package softened cream cheese
1/2 cup margarine, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups sifted confectioners sugar

1. Beat eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin in bowl until light and fluffy.
2. Combine flour, baking power, cinnamon, salt and soda. Add to pumpkin mixture and mix thoroughly.
3. Spread batter in an ungreased 15 x 10 x1-inch jelly roll pan.
4. Bake, cool and frost.

1. Cream cheese and margarine.
2. Stir in vanilla.
3. Slowly add sugar, beating until mixture is smooth.
4. Frost cooled Bars

Temperature: 350
Time: 25-30 minutes.

Make them.
I swear you will not be sorry :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sometimes You Need to Wash Off That Stink

What do you mean?
I think I am cute.
Not today you aren't!!!
Alright, alright!!!
Maybe I do look a little better.

Yes sweetheart, you do!

Go strut your stuff!!!

Thanks Mom!!
You're welcome.
Your brother DJ is next :)

Recipe Week

At the request of many (one), I hereby declare the week of October 25th to be Recipe Week.

I will share with you, my children's favorite recipes.

I promise you, it will be soup to nuts.

Here's a sneak peak of the week ahead...

The recipe box...

The kitchen where the food will be prepared...

The table where it will be presented...

Always remember, presentation is everything :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look Who's 9 Years Old

Saturday I went to my niece's birthday party.

Grayce turned nine years old.

Her Dad gave her a bike...

She also got to have a party.
A pajama party to be exact.
What do they do at pajama parties?
They play twister...

They listen to Miley Cyrus and do the limbo.
I can't believe I did not take any pictures of that, but it is true.
They listened to Miley Cyrus and did the limbo.
I like Miley Cyrus.
Grayce opened presents...
and cards...
While her sister (my other niece) Emma played shy...
I took her picture anyway.

Aunt Brenda was there...

Cousin Daniel too...

As well as, many of Grayce's friends...

and family...

That's really what it is all about -- being around for those that you love :)
Happy Birthday Grayce.
Thank you for inviting me to your party.
It was awesome!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Harvey is Here and He has Brought Some Friends

Each Halloween, Harvey (that's what I call him) comes to visit.

His given name is William Henry. I gave him the name Harvey because he likes to harvest human body parts.

You see, when Harvey was just a little boy, a body snatcher came and stole his body. Harvey was left with just his head. He has grown older (and uglier), but still strives to return to his former self. With that knowledge, I know he could become dangerous. That is why I have caged him and set him on a high shelf so he cannot harm anyone that enters this house.

He brings with him a menagerie of friends and pets (some nice, some not so nice)...

His pet tarantula (Tommy)...

Casper (he's friendly)...

and Boo (looks friendly, but I don't know)...

I have asked Glenda (the good witch) to keep an eye on things when I am not home.

So far, she is doing a fine job.
Although there have been a few scratches, all individuals who enter this house leave with the same number of body parts they came in with.
I am hoping to keep it that way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Second Alternate

DJ was chosen as Second Alternate for Finger Lakes Golf.

Congratulations DJ!!!

You have had a great season and I am proud of you.

I'm a Lumberjack

And I'm OK - Monty Python

DJ split two truck loads of wood this weekend.

What a kid!!!

Here's the proof that he did it...

Given today's temperature, I can't thank him enough.
I also want to wish him luck today. Honeoye Central School's Varsity Golf Team is undefeated and going to sectionals today in Seneca Falls.
Good luck DJ.
Good luck Honeoye :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Cat that Comes a Knocking

I know I have not mentioned this before, but I have cats.

Three to be exact.

Zoey, a longhaired black and white. She is the mother of my other two cats, Starshine and Suzie. I do not have a picture of her as she is camera shy. However, she is very photogenic. She needs to get over this.

Starshine, my shy, all black cat. She is seven years old still loves her mother. She is the best mouser we have and is very loving to those she knows. Here she is looking down from the barn loft. I love her.

And, this is Suzie. She is my very vocal, all gray cat who resides in several places - on top of the wood pile located just outside our bathroom window and on whichever bed she feels like inside our house. She loves my daughter and Snoop. Violet loves her.

I think she thinks she is either a dog or a human. Not sure which yet.

When she wants to come in, all she does is knock. (Video appears sideways, but you get the idea). Appropriate, I'd say, for that cat :)

You would let her in too. She is way too clever and cute not to :)

Have a great day!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Before and After

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this table at my favorite thrift store. Not the most attractive piece of furniture I had ever bought, but still not bad for $20. You see, I had plans for it.

I had been wanting to redo my laundry/side entrance to my house for awhile. I thought it would be nice to walk into the house and see a nice table decorated with seasonal items. I was so sick of looking at this...

That is Violet's crate topped with our laundry basket of whites. Hanging from the mirrow was my purse and a tote bag containing plastic bags we recycle. Directly in front of that is the entry door which was painted an ugly green.
No more!!!
What once was clustered and uninviting is now warm and welcoming.
The door has been painted black. I replaced the hardware on the table, painted it black, and it now displays some of my seasonal decorations. The table also houses my grooming tools for the dogs and plastic bags. Eventually the other two drawers will hold our winter hats and mittens.
Check it out...

I love it!! And please do not worry about Violet being evicted from her home. She has set up residence just a little down the road :) She seems to be adjusting quite well!!!

It is when you think outside of the box or view something from another angle that you have the most rewarding experiences.
Have a good day :)


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